MusicFloss (The highlights)

MusicFloss is an independent digital music store that I founded in 2006. Below highlights some of the major accomplishments of the site for those short on time. To really understand MusicFloss, I recommend reading the more detailed origin story.

The Highlights

Loved by the independent music community

MusicFloss was home to thousands of musicians. Millions of fans streamed and downloaded MP3s. The platform also hosted exclusive music from highly acclaimed artists, including grammy nominated, Pretty Lights.

Pretty Lights Profile.png

A pioneer in artist advocacy

In 2006, digital music stores were taking 40-60% cuts from artist sales. MusicFloss gave 100% of music sale proceeds back to artists and 85% back to record labels. While today there are many services that have artist friendly commissions, MusicFloss was an outlier at the time.

Early days of Web 2.0

One of the biggest accomplishments for MusicFloss were our technical feats. The platform was one of the first to use the Ruby on Rails framework and build iOS apps. We also had to find creative solutions for all sorts of thing, such as micropayment transactions, zipping MP3 files on the fly, and syncing content among various channels. 

Successfully launching products

MusicFloss launched a number of robust products. In addition to being a digital music store and social network, we also built a PR platform, custom iPhone app builder, record label management system, and embeddable music store.

Next level customer support

Customers were blown away by our support, and hundreds told us it’s the best they’ve ever encountered. I take so much pride in this that I decided to include it here. I am a big believer in human centric, empathetic, proactive communication, and would personally respond to emails within minutes. Some of these customers became intimate friends and would stay in touch months after their tickets were resolved.

MusicFloss 2.0

In 2012, MusicFloss transitioned into a “Squarespace for musicians” platform. Squarespace had limited music and e-commerce functionality and that was our specialty. Artists could use a CSS theme editor to create their own websites without needing to code.



Thanks for taking the time to learn about MusicFloss. There’s a lot missing from this highlight page; for instance, that I was in high school when I founded MusicFloss, how I developed it with a shoestring budget, and why the platform ultimately shut down. Check out the brief origin story, if you’re interested.