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MusicFloss is a digital music store that I founded in 2006. It gave thousands of musicians a way to sell their music directly to fans, and millions of visitors streamed and downloaded MP3s. The platform also hosted exclusive music from highly acclaimed artists, including Grammy-nominated Pretty Lights.

The platform was known for its artist-friendly tools and next level customer support. Bands earned more per sale on MusicFloss than on competing services by a significant margin. MusicFloss was one of the first platforms to utilize Ruby on Rails and build iPhone apps.


Digital Music Store: At the heart of MusicFloss was the digital music store. Fans directly streamed, purchased, and downloaded millions of tracks with our robust e-commerce system. By incorporating micropayment processing, we were able to get as much money as possible back into artists’ pockets.

Content Management System: The CMS was built entirely from the ground up, and gave artists an easy way to publish their music, tour dates, media, and news. Musicians could manage their albums and sales directly through the CMS without having to go through a third-party distributor.

Site Builder: Similar to Squarespace, our advanced WYSIWYG site builder empowered bands to build beautiful websites without needing to know how to code or be professional designers. Artists could publish their sites within minutes.



Custom iPhone apps: We created personalized iPhone apps for bands that synced seamlessly with the MusicFloss CMS. Prior to MusicFloss, custom iPhone apps were only accessible to big name artists.

PR platform: Bands used the PR feature to send out “Electronic Press Kits” to media outlets. This gave one-click access to downloadable MP3s, photos, tour dates, and band biographies. A separate invite-only portal gave media outlets an easy way to discover music and access content for free.

Embeddable music player: MusicFloss’ powerful widget gave fans an easy way to stream and buy music on external websites. Many bands used this on their band sites and Myspace pages, where stores didn’t exist (screenshot).


Record label management: The record label management system gave labels a portal where they could easily manage all of their bands in one place.

Analytics:  Special analytics and payment dashboards helped labels gain unique insights into their bands.

Record Label Profiles: Labels had personalized profiles for fans to be able to follow them and see their roster of artists.


Social network: Every band had a profile where users could write public messages, follow bands and other users, and communicate via private message. Fans could also leave album reviews for music they purchased.

Music Library: Fans had a library where it was easy for them to download their purchased MP3s. Tracks from different albums would zip into a folder in real time for easy download.

Support system: Customer support for artists and fans was integrated throughout our products. Many shared with us that our support was the best they’d ever encountered. I am a big believer in human centric, empathetic, and proactive communication. I personally responded to emails within minutes.

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