Lembro iOS app

Lembro is a visual note taking app that I prototyped. I created it to be a management system for all the “informational” photos we capture– whether that be pages in a book, products, or presentation slides. Apps like iPhoto were not designed with these type of photos in mind and finding them afterwards can be really painful. Lembro would solve this by offering tags, notes, and OCR technology. I did the UI / UX design, and collaborated with a graphic designer. The app never entered the development stage. 


The States Project

The States Project was an idea to feature a band based in each of the 50 U.S. states. Users would click around the map for music to start playing. The plan was to have a designated music blogger from each state select which local band to feature. The site was fully designed, and development began with a CMS, but the project ended up taking a backburner to MusicFloss.