HelloTalk:  A language exchange app that helps users practice their target language with native speakers

The CEO hired me to create a marketing proposal for acquiring and retaining US users. I also proposed a product offering, and research and tested its market viability.

MoviePass: A subscription service for seeing unlimited films at movie theaters.

I provided consultation to the former CEO around a new feature they were launching, and offered creative solutions to fraud issues.

Bold Poker: A proof of concept app where up to 10 iPhones in the same room could seamlessly interact to replace a deck of playing cards.

I worked with the founder on product marketing strategy. Campaigns led to being featured on hundred of sites including Daring Fireball and Mashable.

Daytrotter: A site that releases studio sessions from popular and up-and-coming bands.

I created an extensive proposal for the team and parent company to address conversions with the paywall.

Ramen Music: A subscription web zine that promoted independent musicians. Subscribers include Steve Wozniak and Derek Sivers.

I worked with the founder on product marketing strategy. I also produced an issue. 

Zazen SF: A healing center in San Francisco that provides float tanks, bodywork, and therapy.

I worked with the owner on branding and sustainability efforts. 

Book Editing:

I have collaborated with world class marketing authors, as one of the editors of their books.

Seth Godin – I did a remote internship with Seth in 2008. My work was focused around and Seth’s writing.

Derek Sivers — Anything You Want

Dan and Chip HeathMoments

Charlie HoehnPlay It Away