MusicFloss is an artist-centric platform that helps you create your own beautiful website.

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How it works

MusicFloss helps musicians instantly create their own official websites. The "all-in-one" hosted platform makes it possible for you to share news, tours, photos, and videos directly with fans from your official site. You can even sell or give away your digital music and keep 100% of the proceeds from sales. Our affordable membership plans include your website, hosting, music distribution, a free domain, and full support.

Why we exist

MusicFloss is run by a small team of musicians and music writers who also happen to be talented web developers. The idea for the platform came to us after friends in bands started asking for advice on building their official websites. They wanted something more professional and functional than a blogging website, but understandably couldn't afford to pay developers $75 an hour to build a site from scratch. We figured what better way to combine our love for music and technology than help artists create their high quality websites at a fraction of the standard cost.

Who's behind it

We are the guys behind the established not-for-profit music blog, When we're not developing and designing, we are likely making, listening, or writing about music. We're proud to say that MusicFloss is a completely independent initiative. We have no ads, outside investment, or people to please other than artists and their fans. The monthly membership dues go towards keeping the platform sustainable and innovative.


What artists say

"MusicFloss is clean, simple, and user friendly. You guys did a great job." - Moor Hound

"Between our band site and iPhone app, MusicFloss' functionality blows us away." - Banana Phonetic